Version 2.0

So here’s the thing… The old (actually, still relatively new) InTheRaw Blog that I was writing using iWeb just isn’t working for me. See, I realized that the page renders differently in different browsers which might cause the pictures to obscure the text. Even if it’s perfectly readable, chances are it’s probably still a bit visually wonky. I can’t have that! Plus, I think have a lot more to talk about than just eating raw food…

Enter: Chris’ Blog 2.0, aptly named ChrisCross11. Chris, because, well that’s my name; and Cross because it is (read: will be) a hodge-podge of topics pertaining to my life, a myriad of scintillating posts, a potpourri of all things Chris! You get the idea. (Eleven, because some clever fellow snatched up ChrisCross before I could. Unfortunately, he didn’t get very far with it.) I’ll still keep going with the InTheRaw stuff because writing about it is part of what keeps me going.

On that note, things are going swimmingly. By far, the most difficult part has been having to work at Modern Steak. But it’s probably not what you’re thinking… Sure, all the delicious food that I have access to is tempting, but my resolve is tougher than you think! Actually, what’s tough is going for long stretches of time without eating. I’m used to small meals every couple of hours, so working a six to eight hour shift with no breaks is killer. I might see if I can stash a bag of trail mix or something behind the scenes to snack on in my down time, just to keep my batteries charged. Other than the times at work, though, I feel excellent. I have more energy than I’ve had in a while and my allergies have gotten so much better. Coincidence? Maybe. It has only been a week and a half.

That’s all I’ve got at the moment, folks (is anyone reading this, anyhow?). Watch this space for more good stuff soon!


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