What’s good?

Let’s face it, just about all of us have no shortage of things to complain about. If it’s not something personal, it’s political; if it’s not our problem, it’s someone else’s. It’s even become a competition: “Yeah, your day was pretty bad, but wait ’til you hear what happened to me…” Sound familiar? As if having a worse lot ought to earn us a shred of pity or, maybe it people feel bad enough for us, they’ll cut us a little slack. “I’m the martyr and here’s why I should get more.”

Well, I’m a pretty competitive guy, but I’ve decided that “Misery Poker” is one game I’m ok with losing. So, here’s what I’m thinking: What’s good? What am I truly happy about? What is going positively right? And that’s where I’m going to put my energy and my thoughts. Easier said than done? Youbetcha! Continue reading